Cut Costs with IT Outsourcing

Reduce IT costs with managed IT services.

Cut Costs with IT Outsourcing

It’s the age-old question that we are all thinking: “How can I do more with less?” In today’s unstable economy, many organizations are looking to cut costs any way they can and outsourcing IT functions can be a smart business move, particularly when there is a lack of expertise. With a fresh approach to resource management, IT outsourcing can help all size businesses do more with less.

CIO of Massage Envy Spa, Dan Miller, makes a powerful case for the financial benefits of outsourcing IT in the Forbes article: “How the Decisions to Outsource IT Freed My Staff.” In the article, Miller details his primary goal as CIO: to lead a proactive IT department and develop a clear road map for the future. Here at CPI Solutions, we see many of our clients with this same goal. However, they continue to struggle with the common challenge of internal resource availability ultimately hindering a successful and strategic road map.

 “Rather than functioning as a maintenance-focused operation, we needed to quickly deliver new innovations to improve the experience for our customer groups. I wanted the IT department to be a true business enabler that delivers real value to the company.” – Dan H. Miller, CIO of Massage Envy Spa

Miller recalls the state of the IT department when he entered into his new role as CIO: “…they were trapped in fire-fighting mode, reacting to every issue that arose – small and large – just to keep systems up and running.” With a reactive approach, time and effort from long-term projects are interrupted, and therefore IT functions become crippled. For Miller, this was a critical moment in his role as he began asking himself: “What do we want to focus on, where do we want to be next year and who are the right people to get us there?”

If you haven’t asked yourself these three questions, now is the time. To make the transformation from reactive to proactive, your IT team must be freed from break-fix issues. For Miller, the solution to becoming a proactive IT department was to outsource key functions of their infrastructure.

Finding the right partner was the next challenge for Miller:

 “While cost is always a consideration, it was clear that we didn’t want to simply select a vendor on price alone – we wanted to weigh factors to find a true business partner. One of our biggest requirements was to find new partners that could scale. If our provider was unable to support our growing number of locations and the volume of transactions we process each day, we would be back to square one, with maintenance tasks crowding out innovation.”

When considering outsourcing functions of your IT department, reliability and security are essential points to evaluate. For the majority of organizations, any loss of data or extended periods of downtime results in negative financial implications.

Ultimately, when transitioning from reactive to proactive, you don’t have to go at it alone. As Miller boasts, strategically outsourcing allowed his IT team to focus energy where it was needed the most. Freeing up capacity in IT allowed them to roll out projects that otherwise would not have been completed. Whether you decide to outsource your entire network or just specific functions, CPI’s Managed Service team is here to handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what you do best – making your business a success!

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