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Providing Virtualization Technology Solutions to organizations throughout Ventura, Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties

With the future of business computing moving increasingly toward virtualization, your IT environment needs to keep up. At CPI, we understand that you rely on technology to run your business, and our team of expert virtualization engineers will install, integrate, upgrade and maintain the best virtualization technologies for your business.

We are certified by the top virtualization technology organizations: Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and NetApp. It is through our partnerships with these leading virtualization software and hardware providers that enable you to stay ahead of the technology curve, while also helping you keep within tightening IT budgets and creating an efficient, responsive IT environment.

What Can Virtualization Do For You?

Server Virtualization

The computing power of servers has reached epic levels. Many companies purchase separate servers for multiple departments and locations. It is estimated that up to 95% of server computing power is not utilized. By creating virtual servers from a single machine, resources are shared, expenses reduced and IT user’s needs are met more efficiently. As virtualization experts, our engineers specialize in cloud computing, virtual desktop and virtual server technologies.

Desktop Virtualization

With a virtualized desktop environment, maintenance and upgrade cycles are greatly simplified. In addition, users can access their desktop from anywhere in the world – no more shipping expensive hardware to remote users. Also, the operating system can be whatever platform a user needs, so platform independence can finally be achieved.

Storage Virtualization

Optimize use of disk space as the volume of your data increases with a virtualized storage solution. Our team of experienced virtualization consultants and engineers will design a storage virtualization solution that simplifies management and administration of the storage environment, while also optimizing backup, recovery and availability.

Network Virtualization

With a virtualized network, you can ensure that available resources are being utilized as efficiently as possible. Our engineering team will improve overall performance of the network and reduce network management costs by consolidating multiple physical networks into one, virtual network. We can help you leverage the right virtualization technology so that your network is optimized for peak performance.

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Why Partner with Us for Your Virtualization Solution?

Through our partnerships with VMware, Citrix, NetApp, Cisco and Microsoft, we can work with your company to implement a virtualization solution that will fit your needs. We will help you take advantage of your virtualization technology so that you can experience reduced capital costs, enhanced staff productivity, and improved business continuity and overall responsiveness.

We will provide you with the best virtualization solution to help optimize use of resources so that your business is running efficiently, but still providing the security, availability and scalability that you rely on. Our team of virtualization consultants and engineers have the experience working with companies of all sizes and in multiple industries throughout Ventura, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.

What Our Clients Say
For more information about our Virtualization solutions, please contact us online or call (888) 640-9955.
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