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AV Managed Services

Get AV Managed Services
& Eliminate Your AV Problems

CPI Solutions works to solve common business meeting challenges by providing AV Managed Services. As a complete AV management program, our focus is to deliver excellent customer service and technical support for all your audio-visual solutions, from conference rooms and training rooms to background music and digital signage. 

Our program puts best practices into action, providing end-to-end issue resolution for each room’s AV system and equipment. Taking a proactive approach, we use preventive maintenance and fail point inspections to fix potential issues before they happen.

With our management program in place, you can shift your staff’s focus to things that make a real difference to your organization – while lowering costs, eliminating distractions and attaining superior service levels.

For more inforation regarding our AV Managed Services program fill out this form and one of our AV specialists will be in touch.

Our Program

AV Managed Services

Help Desk Support

Opening a support request can be as easy as sending an email or making a call to our dedicated support line.

Comprehensive Remote Capabilities

Our team utilizes a combination of hardware and software for remote management, monitoring, control, and configuration of AV systems, including device configuration, control, maintenance, and programming

Active Monitoring and Alerts

System status is constantly monitored, providing alerts that enable issues to be fixed before it interrupts operations

Other Services Included

Scheduled Technology Review

User Training & Troubleshooting

Ongoing Preventive Maintenance

Software Updates

Configuration Backup/Revision Tracking

Equipment Troubleshooting/Replacement

Cable Troubleshooting/Replacement

AV Managed Services for Conference room microphone solutions

Additional Offerings

Control System Support

With programmers for both RTI and Crestron control systems on staff we can quickly resolve issues in your existing programming that you have the files for, or work with you to create and implement a new software build to simplify your system and decrease downtime.

New Equipment Deployment

As companies grow and change so do their Audio-Visual needs, we can help you determine what upgrades make sense and what current equipment can still be utilized or re-purposed and handle the installation and implementation.

Special Events

Purchasing new equipment isn’t always necessary, if you need equipment on a temporary basis we can work with you to find the best solution using our inventory, event expertise and trusted partners.