June 2015

CPI - Crucial Technologies

3 Crucial Technologies Businesses Often Overlook

Business technology can seem difficult to deploy and maintain, especially when you are considering a variety of technologies. Each types helping your organization function more safely and efficiently. While most companies do have the basics, such as desktop computers, phone

Prevent Data Loss

Prevent Data Loss & Recover from Any Disaster

Despite an increase in natural and human-related disasters in the last few years, disaster recovery (DR) planning is still not given enough attention by most organizations. Most executive teams view DR as a lousy financial investment and an inefficient use

CPI - Software

What Type of Software Solution Does Your Company Need?

As a business leader, operating your company more efficiently while also having the capability to scale is paramount, especially if your business is in its early stages. Challenging decisions arise, such as whether you should invest in long-term initiatives and

CPI - Cloud Solutions

Is Cloud Technology Right for Your Business?

Is your company thinking about investing in cloud computing? Today, 70% of businesses are exploring this as an option for achieving company goals rather than just the needs of their IT department. But what does “The Cloud” mean? Basically, it

CPI - Network Cabling

Network Cabling for Your Business

Are you at the point of needing new network cabling for your business? Most cables last for many years, but there are a few situations in which you may need additional or new cables. While your IT department or network