CPI - Technology Trends 2016

2016 Technology Trends for Presentation Systems

Keeping up to date with technology is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and successful. The 2016 technology trends are paving the way for new and innovative solutions throughout the workplace. Specifically, presentation systems are being enhanced with new features that increase engagement, simplify controls, and create aesthetically pleasing solutions. Differentiate your company by hosting efficient and engaging meetings that employ these technology trends.

 1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

It is becoming more common for employees to bring personal devices to work. As a result, these devices are not only being used at the desk, but also in meetings to take notes and stay connected. For that reason, employees are encouraged to use personal devices to reduce costs on supplying the technology.

 2. Wireless Systems

Boring PowerPoint and tangled cords are now problems of the past. The wireless trend is overtaking many aspects of business, even more so in regards to presentation systems. So, avoid the hassle of switching wires and plugs between presentations by utilizing wireless systems.

 3. Remote Access

Gaining popularity by the minute, remote employees need the ability to connect and virtually attend meetings. Likewise, your business partners across the world cannot always fly out for a meeting, even more so if something comes up on short notice. Stay ahead of the game through the use of online collaboration and video conferencing technology.

4. Automation/Simplified control

Bring it all together through room automation and master control. With the ability to connect all devices, adjust the lights, and turn on the television screen through a single device, meetings can run more efficiently and effectively. So this trend increases productivity because it allows you to spend more time on the presentation itself, rather than on setting up and adjusting for each presenter.

Therefore, knowing and taking advantage of these 2016 technology trends can improve your business meetings and increase efficiency overall. Driving engagement from beginning to end will make your presentations more productive. These technologies allow users to easily share content across devices and promote collaboration to make meetings more productive. To improve your presentation systems, contact us today to explore the best solutions.

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