January 2017

CPI - Cloud Solutions

How to Find the Right Cloud Solution for Your Business

Many businesses have a difficult time choosing a cloud solution to implement because of the organizational changes it can have. Making an impulsive decision before proper research can lead to downtime or a decrease in operability. Therefore, you should understand

How Fast Do We Help?

Today, we're going to talk about Response Times (how fast can we help you). Bear in mind this one is a little longer than normal but stick with us.  Can I get immediate support?  Yes, we will do our best to make sure you are up and

CPI - Budgeting

A Common Business Mistake when Budgeting for the Year

When budgeting for the year, companies tend to neglect prospective technology expenses. Although it is a current necessity for running business, communicating with clients, and delivering services, a postpone in technology is due to poor planning. To alleviate the hassle