Benefits to Using a Managed Service Provider

3 Key Benefits to Using a Managed Service Provider

Managed IT Services has taken off in recent years due to the benefits experienced by businesses of a variety of sizes and industries. While there are several advantages to outsourcing your IT operations, there are 3 key benefits that make the case for exploring a contract with a Managed Service provider.

1. Save Money

When all of the costs covered by a Managed Service contract are considered, it becomes apparent that it is a very cost-effective solution for most businesses. Managing and paying a full IT staff is expensive, especially if you have at least one senior technician or project manager on your team. HR oversight, benefits, vacation, and bonuses are all added costs of maintaining a team. With an outsourcing contract, you have access to around the clock support from a team of experts, all while decreasing overhead and the costs of managing in-house employees.

2. Increased Access to Expertise

Hiring and managing a full-time expert in any of the technologies your business requires can cost more than your entire yearly spend with a Managed Service provider! However, your outsourcing contract will cover expertise and consulting for all of the technologies your company uses to operate. That means you are given access to several experts all for the cost of less than one in-house specialist.

3. Focus on Your Core Business

Outsourcing your IT operations allows you and your employees to spend time where it is most valuable for your business. Managing an extra department of employees and being responsible for strategic planning for IT initiatives can be a waste of time for business owners and executives – their time is better spent planning for other areas of the business. A Managed Service contract will include consideration about the future of your products and services, and planning ahead will be part of your agreement.

If your company is not already considering outsourcing your IT operations, find out how we have created a successful IT Managed Service situation for a business like yours.

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