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3 Network Technology Solutions You Need to Know About

When it comes to network technology, new solutions are being redesigned and reinvented constantly. While some solutions may just be disguised as old technology with a new name, the following are three network technology solutions that improve business operations and increase efficiency.

Virtualization Solutions

Businesses are realizing the benefits of virtualization solutions which include reduced carbon footprint, increased up time, and disaster recovery improvement. The ability to remove physical constraints promotes consolidation and increased efficiency throughout an organization. Network virtualization leverages the right technology for peak performance. Server virtualization makes better use of the 95% of computing power that is not utilized with traditional servers. Desktop virtualization allows platform independence without increased hardware costs for remote users. Storage virtualization optimizes the use of disk space as the volume of your data increases.

Wireless Networking

Gone are the days when you need multiple cables to connect devices across a network. The continuous improvement of technology, sets up networks to be completely wireless without sacrificing speed or safety.

Today’s mobile trend puts an added pressure on businesses to support remote work. With a wired network, this makes for a difficulty and nearly impossible task. A wireless network allows easy access for employees who want to work from any location outside the office.

In addition, this increases the opportunity for collaboration because of its ability to support multiple users simultaneously. Rather than limited accessibility from a single desk, you’re able to access the network from anywhere you’d like.

Infrastructure as a Service

With so many business tasks to worry about, it makes sense to strategically delegate responsibility. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) alleviates an important task from your to-do list: infrastructure management. From hardware to software to storage and more, IaaS puts the important, mundane tasks, such as maintenance and backups, into the hands of experts.

This model is easily scalable, reduces your cost for hardware, and outsources the responsibility of maintaining a data center. IaaS companies are designed to scale with you so that you don’t have to pay for resources you don’t need.

There are various options for businesses to choose from when deciding on a cloud solution.  A public cloud solution is available to the general public and generally charges on a pay-per-usage model. A private cloud dedicates itself to single organization while maintaining similar benefits as a public cloud, including scalability. A hybrid cloud combines on-premise with third-party public and private cloud solutions. The benefits of this model include flexibility and deployment options. For more information or to get started implementing these solutions, contact us at (888) 640-9955 or leave us a message here. 

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