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3 Risks to Avoid When Selecting a Trusted Managed IT Services Provider

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT operations – it can save your company money, allow you to scale your business technologies quickly and easily, and give you access to a whole team of experts in the systems you utilize. However, with every business decision there must be a proper vetting and review process. Here are 3 risks to avoid when selecting a trusted Managed IT Services provider.

Culture Differences Can Cause Problems

Your business operates based on a culture you have worked hard to establish. All of your company goals and objectives are achieved by your cultural values – employee work ethic, customer care, accountability, and even the schedule your employees work contribute to your company culture. If your Managed IT Services provider’s company culture does not mesh with yours, you may have issues related to logistics and values. You can avoid this by talking openly with potential providers about your firm’s values and priorities and set expectations for meeting them.

Relying On the Wrong Managed Services Provider Can Be a Challenge

Outsourcing your IT operations means that you will be placing trust and some level of control in the hands of your provider. While it is not the norm, experiencing reliability problems with an outsourcing company is a possibility. If something does go wrong with your provider, you could be left with unmanned systems and the need to quickly find a new service to help your business continue to operate. Shopping for a reliable partner and researching into providers’ references and company history are great ways to make sure you hire the right outsourcing company.

Your Business May Need to Reconfigure Part or All of Your IT Environment

In order for a trusted Managed IT Services partner to be able to fully maintain your IT environment and provide optimal value for your business, a refresh of all or part of your current infrastructure may be required. It is always a benefit to upgrade legacy systems to be current with best practice configurations, which allows your business to function more effectively. This can be a setback while seeking an outsourcing contract, but it would also provide more uptime and a reliable experience for you and your employees.

Don’t let these potential disadvantages scare you away from considering an outsourcing contract with a strong and reliable provider. Learn more about how CPI Solutions has avoided these risks and created a successful IT environment for a local business.


  • You can’t avoid the enormous benefits of outsourcing managed IT services. And to do so, you must check and find the working culture before you hire them. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

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  • A very thoughtful post regarding choice of IT Services Provider. Honestly, I had never considered the risk that may arise due to culture differences before I read this post. All the points you have shared are completely relevant to the present scenario and is sure to help many business owners reconsider their structuring.

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