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3 Risks of Hiring an In-House IT Department

Deciding between hiring an in-house IT department or outsourcing your IT can be a difficult decision to make. With business functions relying so heavily on technology, it’s important to feel confident that your systems will stay up and running. You can focus more easily on your business knowing that your IT is taken care of. Be aware of some of the risks of keeping IT in-house.

1. Inevitable Obstacles

A small team of in-house IT means less specialization covering a broad array of topics. Let’s take a team of 5 technicians who all specialize in a certain skill. Your company is essentially good to go when an issue that falls within the expertise or your staff. However, when hit with a larger problem that expands beyond the skill set of the in-house IT department, a risk could financially hurt the company. Not to mention, if one of these problems affects the up time of your network. All business operations are at risk.

2. High Turnover & Limited Qualified Candidates

With the rise of technical needs and job opportunities, its surprising to know that the rise of qualified candidates is not cohesive. In addition, many recruiters target qualified technical candidates; which makes individuals overwhelmed and often swayed away from technical recruitment and positions withing non-technical companies. The turnover rate is also very high because of the competitive salaries and positions due to high demand and lack of qualified options. To avoid the risk of having your IT experts leave unexpectedly or the hassle of recruiting and hiring a candidate that fits your needs, you can partner with an MSP who will provide all technical services and support for your company.

3. Financial Burden 

When comparing the cost of hiring an in-house team to outsourcing IT, there are many factors to consider. The cost of a team of full-time, certified engineers may exceed the cost of outsourcing. In addition, when your network goes down or a virus gets through the firewall and your team requires additional help to combat the issue, hiring outside assistance can rack up a pretty hefty bill. Rather than dealing with issues as they occur, take a proactive approach and partner with a managed service provider. This will ensure that your fixed monthly fee will cover any and all technical issues and support.

While there are many benefits to outsourcing IT, there are also risks of keeping IT in-house. You should explore the options available for your company, such as partnering with a Managed Services Provider, taking advantage of staff augmentation, or completely outsourcing IT. If you would like a CPI representative to contact you to discuss your technology needs, give us a call at (888) 640-9955 or leave us a message here

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