CPI - Steps To Start Using AWS

3 Steps to Start Using AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud services as well as on-demand computing resources. Rather than running your own server and worrying about security protocols or maintenance, you can utilize AWS resources, which scale with you as you grow. You don’t need to pay in advance or have long-term contracts. You simply pay for what you use. To start using AWS, we have identified three easy steps for you to get started.

1. Sign Up

To start using AWS, the first step is to create a FREE account. Automatically get one year of services for free and have immediate access to the AWS Free Tier. You can view all of the included services and details included here.

2. Launch Application

Once you have created your account, you can begin to launch your applications. You can use the following tips to make this process easier.

10-minute tutorials

AWS provides 10 minute tutorials to show you how to easily complete tasks such as launching a Linux virtual machine or registering a domain name. You can find all tutorials here.

Videos & Webinars

To learn more about a certain process, you can watch videos and webinars available here. These videos are generally under an hour and show a step by step process for various projects, such as developing applications with the IoT button or learning more about Apache MXNet.

Training & Certification

Become more familiar with AWS by taking an online class or getting AWS certified. You can learn, practice and test with materials provided by Amazon Web Services.

3. Get Help

With so many tasks to manage, it may be helpful to look to the Amazon Partner Network (APN) to find companies that provide technology or consulting services. Technology Consulting Partners and Managed Service Providers can help launch your applications and even handle the management aspect for you. APN partners help support any use case including specific security or regulatory requirements.

Begin using AWS today with these easy steps. If you have any questions or need assistance, let us know how we can help launch your business.

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