Tech Tips 2018

3 Tech Tips to Get a Head Start in 2018

Starting off the year ahead of the competition can help your business excel through 2018. It is important to get a fresh start and use your experiences from last year to improve your technology, processes, and strategy. We have created a list of tech tips 2018 that will help put your business in a better place.

1. Organize and Clean Up

Taking the “fresh start” approach will help set the tone for the year. Instruct your organization to go through existing data and organize important documents while deleting duplicate or unnecessary files. Creating a company-wide organizational structure to store documents and sort files makes it easier to access shared data.

2. Update Everything

Start the new year by updating all software and systems. In addition, update all passwords as well for better protection. We can reflect on the previous year by acknowledging the increased number of cyber attacks and take a more proactive approach by making small changes to prevent future attacks and mitigate risk. Consistently changing passwords and updating software will help keep your organization safe.

3. Review Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s the perfect time to test your backup strategies and implement new or revised processes. Data is a vital piece of any organization’s technology and overall business functions. In the case of a disaster, it is important to feel confident that your data is securely backed upIt is also important to regularly test your backups in order to ensure that you have consistently updated backups.

These three simple tech tips 2018 will help your business get a head start going into 2018. Keep in mind that technology is always improving and it’s important to stay aware of updated technology and implement new and innovative strategies if you want your business to excel. For more information regarding your technology or to speak with a CPI consultant regarding your business, reach out to us here

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