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3 Technologies to Succeed in Business (Part 2: Secure Remote Access)

Welcome to part two of our three-part series about technologies that your business needs to be successful. We have discussed collaboration, and now we would like to focus on the topic of secure remote access. In fact, with all of the remote employees and mobile work capabilities we have today, how would we collaborate without having secure access to our companies’ servers and technical resources? In order to operate efficiently while still offering your workforce remote options, you must find a way to help them securely access your company’s network.

Remote Access 

One major reason businesses are moving toward secure remote access is that platform independence provides for much more freedom. When you give users the opportunity to access their desktops from anywhere in the world from any operating system, you eliminate the need for maintaining consistency in your mobile workstations – you may even have employees use their own computers to work from home. And, definitely no more sending an IT technician out to set up a user’s home office!

Another thing many businesses worry about with their remote employees is the type of connection they are using. Typically public connections and even many home networks are vulnerable to hackers waiting to break into someone else’s computer while they are on a shared connection, giving the criminal access to all of that computer’s data and possibly allowing them into other systems on that connection. The great thing about secure remote access is in the name – it is secure. This means that while your users are busy accessing their home internet networks, or even out working in coffee shops and book stores, your network remains safe.

Finally, implementing a system of secure remote access allows your business to better take advantage of the mobile revolution. Have you ever thought, “Man, this task sure would be a lot easier if everyone had an iPad”? Providing tablets, smart phones, and the cool and helpful systems that go along with these devices becomes much easier when you eliminate the security concerns of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). When every device can securely access your company’s network, it opens you up to endless possibilities to grow your business.

One product that we recommend for many of our customers is Citrix NetScaler. It offers secure access that can suit many sizes and types of business from SMBs to the enterprise. If you are interested in opening a conversation around secure remote access, please contact us today. And, don’t forget about our final installment of the 3 Technologies Your Business Needs to be Successful coming soon.

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