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3 Tips on How to Use the Cloud

You may have heard the terms cloud, cloud computing, or cloud storage used in the workplace, but what exactly is the cloud? The cloud references all things you can access remotely over the Internet. Cloud storage refers to information stored on internet servers instead of your computer’s hard drive. Do you know how to appropriately use the cloud? 

Cloud computing and cloud storage help mid-market businesses increase their profits by at least 25%. In some cases, as high as 75%. Cloud infrastructure provides easy scalability, higher flexibility and of course, lowers upfront costs. This, in turn, helps businesses contend with their competitors.

3 Tips on How to Use the Cloud

Data Storage

You can store all types of business information on the cloud, including files and email. This gives you the ability to access your data from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection at any given time. Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of popular cloud-based storage services. Cloud storage is an elastic and suitable way to store data with complete peace of mind

File Sharing

The cloud helps workers share files throughout an organization simultaneously. For example, you can upload information or documents regarding a specific objective or referencing a conference you want to organize. Your entire staff, management, and employees will have immediate access to this data. When discovering how to use the cloud, file sharing is a great aspect that saves time and improves efficiency.

The technology industry has been gradually moving away from local file sharing to remote, server-based sharing and processing, known as the cloud, which has created a faster and effective means of sharing important files.

Backing Up Data

An organization can also learn how to use the cloud for protecting business files. Applications like Mozy and Carbonite help automatically back up data to the cloud. This ensures that even if a computer is lost, stolen, or damaged, you’ll still be able to recover these files from the cloud.

Many cloud services provide various level of backup. Rationally, any files uploaded to a cloud service are also protected from disk failures since there are copies of them on the cloud. Online backup can restore all of your computer’s file, not just those in a synced folder structure. Meanwhile, synchronization helps manage select files and backups by selecting the documents you might need and keeping them in the cloud for easy access.

There are so many data storage methods. It starts from the ability to access your data, wherever, whenever you need it. You do not need expensive external storage devices to store your business files because the cloud gives you the opportunity to save it. Cloud computing and storage is a great advantage for small to medium sized business and should be taken advantage of.

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