Types of Virtualization

3 Types of Virtualization

In order to improve efficiency in security while reducing IT expenses, mid-market businesses are utilizing the different types of virtualization. The benefits of virtualization are evident, yet some companies are still unaware of the different types and use cases. Let’s dive in to understand some of the common methods and how they are beneficial for your business.

Desktop Virtualization

Through desktop virtualization, users can access their desktop environment remotely because it has been virtualized from the physical device. This allows employees to access their data f3 Types of Virtualization from any computer without physically bringing any hardware. Another benefit of desktop virtualization is a reduce in cost and efforts of deploying new software or patch management. Since all desktops are hosted in the same place.

Storage Virtualization

This type of virtualization helps reduce clutter and organize storage more efficiently. By combining different storage devices into a single cluster, you are able to centralize the storage system. In addition, storage virtualization can be beneficial for disaster recovery because of the ability to replicate and transfer the data easily. This type of virtualization is cost-effective and easy to implement.

Network Virtualization

Similar to the other types of virtualization, network virtualization uses the same method of combining equipment into a single resource. When a business has many users, this is beneficial because it devices bandwidth into independent channels. Each channel will assign a specific set of devices in real time. For companies that value up-time, network virtualization can help keep systems up and running while also increasing network speed.

Any business can benefit from using virtualization, but smart businesses combine different forms to maximize operational efficiency. Because the process of integrating virtualization can be confusing, it’s ideal to partner with an expert to ensure the transition is done properly. Reach out to speak with a reliable virtualization consultant to get started with you business.

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