Reduced Holiday Staff Through IT

3 Ways to Prepare For Reduced Holiday Staff through IT

With the holidays just around the corner, businesses must prepare for keeping operations up and running with reduced staff. Rather than focusing on the number of people available and lack of man power, you can instead focus on altering IT protocols. That’ll reduce the workload and utilize technology to compensate. The best way to ensure that the holidays don’t affect your IT; is to partner with a Managed Service Provider who will handle your tech 24/7/365 and practice a reduced holiday staff through IT .

Remote Access

Employees who travel during the holidays but are still able to work will need to remotely access the server to send emails, edit a file, etc. Expect an increase in remote access during the holidays and have your network support administrators prepare for this ahead of time. Preparing for increased remote access can help eliminate potential disasters from overloaded server requests.

Monitoring & Alerting

Before your teams go on holiday leave, test your networking monitoring systems to make sure they are working properly. All new devices should be properly backup up and monitored regular. In addition, double check that alerting is working properly as well so that you don’t miss anything crucial.


Rather than doing everything manually, increase the number of automated processes when you are short staffed. Consider shifting the time-consuming processes from manual to automated. Alternatively, offload your IT to an MSP to handle all aspects throughout the holidays and beyond.

Preparing ahead of time can reduce unexpected downtime and other tech disasters. If you trust that your IT team can handle maintaining your systems regardless of staffing shortages and holidays, double check they have addressed the items above. If you are questioning your team’s ability, contact a CPI representative to learn more about outsourcing IT management to a trusted provider.

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