Los Angeles Technology Trends

4 Los Angeles Technology Trends 2018

Technology trends vary from short fads to long-term implementation. Some trends or overlooked and forgotten quickly while others become the norm. That being said, we have put together a list of current Los Angeles technology trends that you should know about and consider adopting.

Increased Cyber security

Hackers are continuously creating new ways to hack into systems. Once tech experts create a solution for the current hack, there seems to be a new strategy shortly after.  One of the top Los Angeles technology trends is to increase efforts toward cyber security in order to combat the increase in cyber attacks. This includes training employees on identifying email hacks, such as phishing attempts, and other red flags to look out for.

Voice-Activated Computing

With devices like the Amazon Alexa and technology like Apple’s Siri, voice commands are becoming a commodity. People use voice-activated computing on a daily level for all sorts of activities from receiving driving directions to printing documents. In the business world, voice-activated computing is becoming more popular. In order to control aspects of offices or to be used as a resource.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a Los Angeles technology trend that incorporates into more and more products on a daily basis. Businesses use artificial intelligence to respond to customer service requests while companies like Vicarious uses AI to program robots to perform daily human tasks. Technology is becoming smarter across the spectrum, including both hardware and software solutions.

IT Outsourcing

Silicon Valley has set the standard for being the tech hub of the world, but Los Angeles is not too far behind.  With the rise of tech companies and tech needs, the cost of qualified technicians is on the rise. Hiring top tech talent continues to become more expensive which forces companies to entertain more affordable options. Outsourcing IT operations can improve the quality of service received while keeping costs affordable. Companies are not only realizing the monetary gain from IT outsourcing; they are also noticing an improvement in the reliability of their technology.

These are four examples of the Los Angeles technology trends of 2018. To learn more about how your business can adopt any of these trends to become more efficient in the workplace, speak with a CPI representative today. 

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