Selecting Managed Service Providers

Making These 4 Mistakes When Selecting Managed Service Providers?

Whether or not your company has a standard vendor selection process, you need to account for these 4 common mistakes companies make when selecting a managed services provider. Having a reliable provider can make business operations run smoother, processes more efficient, and communication easier. Don’t be one of the companies that overlooks important aspects of an MSP. Take a look at these four red flags we’ve identified when selecting managed service providers.

1. They’re Not Always Available

It is important that your technology is being monitored around the clock. The work day may be 9-5. As a result, your MSP should be 24/7/365. Make sure that the MSP you are looking to partner with offers around the clock availability.

2. They Don’t Offer Full Coverage

Some companies overlook the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided by their MSP. It is critical to review and understand the SLA and make sure it covers up time, redundancy, security, and power. It should also describe backup and disaster recovery plans, while covering any other critical requirements. 

3. They Aren’t Flexible

You should always have the ability to scale, and your MSP should scale with you. That being said, make sure your partner has the resources to accommodate change quickly without putting your technology at risk.

4. They Don’t Have a Proactive Approach

The days of fixing a problem after it happens are in the past. It is important to find a provider that is proactively monitoring your systems in order to catch problems before they occur rather than letting things go wrong which can create downtime. MSPs need to be ahead of the problem.

If you are guilty of overlooking any of these red flags, you should speak with a managed services consultant that can help your business move in the right direction. Don’t settle for less than the best. Learn more about managed services provider here.

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