Break Up With Your Managed Services Provider

4 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Managed Services Provider

Are you currently outsourcing your IT operations? Are you happy with your Managed Services provider? Like a bad relationship, many partnerships with outsourcing companies can end up going sour long before companies realize. Just like there are red flags to avoid when dating, there are plenty of tell-tale signs that your relationship with your Managed Services provider is toxic and may be hindering your business.

There is a lag in response times.

When you hired your Managed Services provider, you expected that you and your employees would be able to reach their help desk for issues, but now it takes hours or even days for someone to get back to you. This is a sign that your provider just isn’t that into you (but they’re probably not into anyone, to be fair). If service is slow when you need them most, it’s time to dump your provider.

You’re getting bills for unexpected projects and equipment.

“Surprise! You needed a new set of routers and switches, so we took the liberty of ordering and installing them for you. Pay us now, please.” But…you didn’t need those at the moment, or you would have prioritized them in your budget if you had been kept in the loop. If your provider is coming up with these surprises, it’s time to ditch them for a more stable relationship.

You couldn’t count on their solutions when you had a big problem.

Your servers became infected with a virus and your company needed to restore your data from a backup. No problem…except that your provider’s backup methods were failing and they did not fix the problem before the virus did its damage. Now you have lost a great deal of data and are faced with a slew of problems including lost productivity and customers. Unfortunately this happens with negligent Managed Services providers that don’t perform regular backup and recovery audits or tests. If your provider has neglected your backups, find someone new that will support you and your data at all times.

Your employees are not happy with their systems.

Remember thinking that you should have listened when your friends and family members told you that person you were dating was awful? This is the same old song and dance. Listen to your employees when they give you feedback about your provider. Issues like servers being slow, non-existent or unreliable service, poor internet and phone connections, and out-of-date software updates should indicate that your employees have a legitimate gripe. It may be time to kick your provider to the curb.

We know that all Managed Services companies experience minor delays and hiccups in service like any other business, but if your provider has shown a track record of negligence, it’s time to break up with them. For more information on finding your MSP soul mate, contact us.

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