CPI - New Phone System

4 Steps to Choosing a New Phone System

Is your phone system holding you back? If your business is like most others, phones are a very important part of communications, and having the wrong system can slow and impede that process. Add into the mix that many more companies are allowing employees to work from home at least part of the time, and your need for an effective phone system is even more serious. We have some simple steps to follow when choosing a new phone system.

Step 1: TDM or VoIP?

Many businesses still use traditional phone systems on Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). These can at times offer more reliable service than internet connections. However, internet services are becoming more stable, and the power of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems offers flexibility to your staff as well as a generally cheaper bill.

Step 2: Hosted vs. Premise?

Premise-based phone systems allow for your IT staff to have full control as well as offer more security since they would manage all incoming and outgoing phone traffic. However, hosted phone systems offer a simpler approach for many businesses as their IT staff does not need to manage the system. Hosted systems like ShoreTel Sky also offer more scalability. When you need to add or remove staff, the process of setting up or taking down phones can be cumbersome for your staff with a premise-based system. The simpler setup for hosted systems makes this process painless.

Step 3: Consider Unified Communications.

Unified Communications (UC) offers the ability to have one user profile on many different devices, including telephones, mobile devices, IM, and even video conferencing. Having a UC system that integrates with your phones and all other devices offers highly improved collaboration among your staff. It also increases effective communications when some of your staff, such as outside sales reps, are mobile.

Step 4: Shop for a Provider.

Taking advantage of great communication options requires knowledge from experts in these technologies. We suggest partnering with a provider that can manage these systems and their interactions so that your IT staff can focus on more strategic projects. Search for a provider that has experience deploying the type of system that would best suit your business. Your new partner will provide training to your staff and offer support services to manage your new communication environment.

If you are considering upgrading your phones and would like more information on how to choose a system that works for you and your employees, contact us! Businesses of all sizes have partnered with us to deploy the best communication systems for their staff.