Tricks to Secure Computers

4 Tricks IT Experts Use to Secure Computers

Every person and organization is at risk of a cyber attack, even IT experts themselves. In order to protect their computers and secure their computers, IT professionals use various tips and tricks. Take a look at the following tips and incorporate these strategies in your organization in order to secure computers.

1. Complex Passwords

The more complex your password is, the better. A trick from the experts is to not use anything identifiable, such as a loved ones name or an important date. Using passwords that involve many different numeric and alphabetic components in a random order will offer more protection than a generic word. Try to create different passwords for each account so that if one gets hacked, they won’t all get hacked.

2. Anti-Virus Software

Every system should have anti-virus software installed, maintained, and updated. It is important that this software is robust and up to date. In addition to anti-virus software, you can also run anti-malware. It’s best to partner with an IT consulting firm in order to ensure that everything is installed properly and maintained.

3. Email Link Awareness

Phishing and spear-phishing are both ways that hackers  can gain access to a network through human failure rather than security systems failure. Always check to see who an email is from, especially when there is a downloadable or clickable link. Some hackers pose as a client or employee sending a virus disguised as traditional information.

4. Multi-Step Authentication

In addition to creating a complex password, you should have another authentication method. This could be a PIN, security code, phrase, or a series of questions.  From knowledge factors to possession factors, there are many ways to enforce authentication.

An experienced IT professional will practice what they preach and implement many, if not all, of the methods listed above in order to secure computers. By following the practices of IT experts, you can better protect your systems and data as well. For more information or to get a complimentary assessment on tricks to secure computers, contact us here

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