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5 Network Cabling Mistakes Businesses Make


Setting up a network involves more than reliable hardware. It is a complicated task with a lot of room for error and potential mistakes. Data cabling is an art that requires attention to detail and certified engineers to deliver a quality network. Every business needs a network that is efficient and reliable. With technology being a crucial part of business, it is important to have a properly cabled network to ensure quick communication. Here are some common mistakes to be aware of before installing a network.

Failing to Secure Cables

Securing cables may seem like a no-brainer, but steps like these are sometimes overlooked in order to quicken the installation process. This mistake can lead to an unorganized mess of cables as well as a reduction in quality. Hanging cables that are left to carry their own weight can stretch overtime which may affect network speed.

Neglecting Cable Management

Organizing cables from day one will save you a lot of time in the future when you need to locate a specific cable. Cable management includes labeling cables, using conduit to keep cables untangled, and using the proper length to prevent excess cable.  Utilize these simple techniques to take a proactive approach towards cable management.

Ignoring Regulations and/or laws

Disobeying laws and ordinances not only puts your business at risk of large fines, but also poses a potential harm to the well-being of your employees. Failing to comply with certain regulations poses a safety risk towards personnel. For example, using a PVS-jacketed cable in air handling space is prohibited in many places and disregarding this regulation can cause harm to people if the PVC burns as it releases toxins.

Not Testing Cable

After installation, it is important that you use cables for their intended purpose. From verifying length to checking transmission speeds, you should always ensure that your network is able to deliver the necessary functions.

Lacking a plan

Take into consideration what the future will look like for your company and have a plan. Relocating or expanding can be a costly decision for your company because of the expensive labor necessary for a proper transition. Thinking ahead can save you time and money in the future by applying forward-thinking tactics; such as using larger conduit than necessary, to make it easier to expand without having to rebuild the network.

These are some common mistakes that engineers or companies make when installing a network. We recommend that you invest in proper installation with certified and licensed engineers the first time around to deliver the best network and avoid costs in the future from preventable mistakes. Planning ahead is key and you should always consider the possibility of expanding or relocating when installing your network. To get started with a trusted network cabling services provider or to have your current network assessed, contact us today.

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