5 Questions to ask about backup solutions

5 Questions to Ask About Backup Solutions

Does your company have a backup solution in place? If so, has it been tested? If your business has no backup solution, you need to implement one today!

Backups are crucial in order to remain an operable business. Backup solutions allow a business to recover important data for any reason at any time. Whether your business has a backup solution in place or not, it’s important to be confident in the ability to retrieve data if disaster, hackers, or accidental deletions occur. If you are unable to validate the current state of your backups, it’s time to rethink your data protection strategy.

Every backup solution varies depending on the business, these five questions will help determine the right backup strategy for your organization.

How much data needs to be backup within my business?

Determining what your business needs, such as ability to restore, recover, or maintain accessibility of services, is your first step in figuring out what type of backup solution will work best for your business. The number of users, servers, and size of your IT infrastructure all play a part in determining the right backup solution.

What types of disasters might occur within my business?

Prepare for the worst. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to backing up files. The extra copies of data stored in alternative locations, whether on or off site, will provide a safety net for your business’s important files. So no matter what type of mishap or disaster arises, your backups will be kept safe.

How long can my business afford to be inoperable?

Classifying files and databases that need protection into importance, identifies how much data needs to be backed up, how frequently, and if business can afford any down time. Determining these factors will help distinguish which method of storage fits best for your business. Private, public, or hybrid data storage plans vary in regards to locations and accessibility. You can find more information on each of these storage types in our previous blog.

What are my business’s backup objectives? Recovery point & time?

A business’ strongest weapon against data loss is knowing their recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), and maximum tolerable period of disruption (MTPoD). The point in which loss data will cause serious harm to your business is your RPO. It’s the target amount of data loss. So, if your business cannot lose more than 5 hours of data without causing serious damage to your business, than the least you should backup is 5 hours. The RTO is the amount of time you have to recover a system. The popular duration time for quickly receiving recovered data is 4-12 hours. Lastly, the MTPoD is the longest amount of time your business can be down and unobtainable before seen as unacceptable and causing serious disruption.

How to confirm the right backup solution?

Implement a backup solution, then test it. Your business’s backup intervals will reflect off its’ recovery objectives. Once defining these objectives and establishing a backup solution, test it. The only way to be certain files are being saved at a realistic time for your business, is to test the method and alter any missteps.

Auditing and testing your backup method on a continuous basis provides you with a reliable backup solution for your business. For more information, visit our website or contact a CPI representative.

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