Why Mid-Market Businesses Outsource IT

5 Reasons a Mid Market Business Outsources IT

Information technology is a critical component of any business. SMBs often overlook them because of the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house tech department. From improved efficiency to reduced spending, there are many benefits of outsourcing IT. Each business is different and must assess their internal skill sets to determine if partnering with an MSP is the best option for them. Take a look at some of the benefits mid-market businesses receive when working with a managed services provider.

1. Affordability

One of the primary benefits businesses realize when deciding to outsource IT is reduced costs. A managed services provider will handle all internal IT, from hardware installation to software development and anything in between. Costs automatically reduce when you no longer need physical space for data storage, IT staff on payroll, or disaster recovery expenditure when something goes wrong. IT expenses remain consistent from month-to-month, regardless of problems that may arise.

2. Focus

More likely than not, your business does not focus on delivering information technology solutions. Therefore, maintaining an in-house IT department requires more effort than the benefits are worth. Hiring, training, and employing the proper talent to successfully manage IT is difficult task that can easily be outsourced for best results. Your business can focus on its core competencies when you outsource IT and be sure that your technology is being monitored 24/7.

3. Expertise

Working with a Managed Services Provider, you can access their team of experts across all technologies they support. Because IT is their core competency, MSPs hire top-talent experts who specialize in various technologies. Trying to do this in-house would require a large budget for all technicians required to fulfill the same expertise. It is more strategic to outsource IT and work with an expert who will handle all aspects of your technology and allow access to their network of experts.

4. Reduced Risk

Hundreds of malware create and deploy yearly, causing an increase risk of a data breach. MSPs take the proper actions to protect your data from an attack by having firewalls, security, and monitoring software in place to reduce the risk. In addition, because they specialize in cyber security, MSPs have experience and knowledge around best practices for your technology. 

5. Efficiency 

With one less business function to worry about, your employees and executive team can be more efficient with daily tasks. The ability to focus with one less worry paves the way for more efficient workflow and less disruption. In addition, IT problems are reduced because of the proactive approach taken by technology providers when you outsource IT. This reduces downtime which is another factor of increased efficiency. 

Mid-market businesses continue to outsource IT because of the benefits and monetary gain it brings to the company. Better IT security, lower costs, and an increase in efficiency are just a few of the perks of partnering with a managed services provider. To receive more information and learn more about the process of outsourcing your technology, speak with a CPI representative.  


  • Mid market businesses are way to focused on their own niche and thus, need to outsource a managed service so that their IT is up and running. Reduced risk and efficiency are the major benefits of outsourcing IT. Great read, thanks for sharing!

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