5 Reasons to Consider a Hosted Virtual Desktop Solution

What if applications and desktops could follow people everywhere, to all their devices, seamlessly and securely? With Citrix they do. Trusted by 98% of Fortune 500 companies, Citrix continues to set the standard for delivering apps and desktops to users anywhere on any device.

As a complete solution that provides granular control of security, users experience uncompromised mobility and productivity through Citrix desktop virtualization. Because managing and supporting employee desktops and applications can be a great expense of time, resources and money, moving to a hosted virtual desktop solution allows for a greater experience. Citrix virtualization also allows for extended access to critical business applications, as well as enhanced business continuity and security features. Discover these 5 benefits of a hosted virtual desktop solution:

1. Cost Savings

By migrating to a hosted virtual desktop solution, you can extend the life of existing desktops, postpone large capital expenditures and reduce the cost of high end technology and devices. You may be able to reduce your equipment and operating costs significantly, even by 30 – 50%.

2. Control

Through virtualization, control over provisioning and modifications is greatly improved. Citrix also allows for more control than with traditional desktops; data is stored centrally, and control of access to the virtual desktop and the data within it is instantaneous.

3. Security

Providing multiple layers of security, a hosted virtualization solution will ensure that your data is always protected and backed up regularly. In the event of a disaster, you will be able to access your data when you need it.

4. Agility

With greater flexibility, Citrix allows for new software to be rolled out quickly and responding to updates can be done more effectively through a centralized management platform.

5. Productivity

Desktop virtualization also allows for employees to work from anywhere on any device without hindering productivity. With a managed solution in place, your internal IT department’s productivity increases as well, increasing time to deploy new software, apply updates, and keep systems running efficiently.

The benefits and flexibility of a Citrix environment are a fit for most businesses. If your company is consider virtualization, contact CPI Solutions for information from our expert Citrix consultants.

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