5-Step Data Security Checklist

5-Step Data Security Checklist

Data security accounts for protecting data against a breach, corruption, or unauthorized access. Sub-par data security puts your business at risk for a cyber-breach, software glitch, or even a malware attack. Take a look at this 5-step data security checklist to see if your network is safe from disruption.

Off-Site Backups

Having redundant off-site backups protects your data in case of any disaster that happens on site. For example, if a natural disaster caused physical damage at your office, you would still have data security from another location with the data backup. You can take advantage of cloud software to hose an off-site backup as well.

Remote Network Access

Once again, this checklist item prepares for a scenario in which your physical location is inaccessible. You should have remote network access so that your IT staff can work on any issues and employees are able to continue daily operations.

Clear Communication 

As a company, you should identify standard methods of communication among all employees. Consider an incident where the phones went down in the office, have you instructed employees on how to communicate with one another as well as with management?

Routine Maintenance

Consistently updating and maintaining your systems is critical. In addition to physical damage that may occur, software malfunction is another event that puts your business at risk. Downtime can cause operations to cease which will negatively effect your bottom line.

Systems Testing

After checking that your system meets the requirements of the data security checklist, have an IT expert actually test the system. Once the initial test is complete, continue to test at least once a month in order to catch any problems before they cause actual damage.

These are some of the precautions you can take to ensure data security. Your business should have all of these practices in place along with additional support from an IT consulting firm. Don’t put your business at risk by letting some of these important items slide. Speak with a CPI representative today to ensure that your system is properly set-up and secured from any data breaches.

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