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6 Questions for your Managed Services Provider in Los Angeles

As companies realize that maintaining their IT infrastructure is more challenging than their resources can handle, they are shifting towards hiring a managed service provider. Outsourcing IT shifts the responsibility of IT management into the hands of a professional. With so many Managed Services Provider Los Angeles  to choose from, selecting the best company can be a tiresome process. Here are six questions to ask your current or potential MSP.

1. How Will Your Services Improve Our Daily Operations?

Consider their response to this question as a crucial element of your decision making process. Your MSP should definitely make operations smoother by reducing downtime, providing the best software for your business, managing data storage, and preventing cyber attacks.

2. Can You Provide Us With References?

Speaking with current clients of the MSP will give you an understanding of how they communicate and satisfy customer needs. There should be no resistance from the MSP in regards to providing current references, and even past references. Use this opportunity to ask current clients any questions you have or concerns that arise.

3. How Does Your Service Foster Collaboration?

To find the right Managed Services Provider in Los Angeles, this question will help narrow the options. With better technology and unified communication systems, your IT provider can foster an environment with increased collaboration among employees and team members.

4. Do You Provide 24/7/365 Support?

The answer to this question should be yes. Having help-desk support year-round is important because you don’t know when a technology emergency will occur. Even on a holiday when your business closes, your IT should still monitor and support your IT infrastructure.

5. How Does Monthly Billing Work?

Finding a fixed-fee pricing model is key because you don’t want to receive a surprisingly large bill after a difficult month with a technical emergency. Most Los Angeles Managed Service Providers use a fixed-fee model, meaning your monthly costs never change, no matter how much IT work was necessary that month.

6. How Do You Rate Client Satisfaction?

This can vary from company to company – but at the very least, your MSP should be able to provide you with client satisfaction metrics. From company-wide surveys to ticket satisfaction ratings, there are different metrics to show client satisfaction.

Get comfortable putting your MSP on the spot to get these questions answered. If the company you are speaking with seems secretive or hesitant to provide you with detailed answers, then they are probably not a good fit, let alone good service provider. You should feel confident that the answers you are given are truthful and competitive. Learn more about finding the best Managed Services Provider Los Angeles.

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