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6 Reasons Companies Decide to Outsource Tech Support

Outsourcing a business function, such as accounting, payroll, or IT, means that you are hiring a third-party company to handle that function. This is a smart move if you find good providers to partner with. It is also a way that small businesses can keep costs low without risking quality of service. Companies outsource tech support to ensure their systems will be taken care of without the high cost of an in-house team.

1. Around-the-Clock Monitoring & Maintenance

One of the benefits it outsourcing tech support is the 24/7 support you get year round. A professional IT outsourcing company is monitoring your technology around the clock. No matter what hour of the night or what day of the year, they are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure your MSP has a proactive approach towards your technology instead of a break-fix approach. This means they are identifying and addressing problems before they occur which saves your company from suffering from downtime.

2. Remove the Task of Hiring & Recruiting

When you have an in-house IT team, you need to find the right people to manage your technology. This requires time and effort recruiting the right employees to hire. One of the benefits of outsourcing tech support is completely eliminating this task because the MSP does this for you. They find all the right people with the necessary skill sets to manage your technology for a monthly flat-fee.

3. Decrease Risks

Managing your own IT puts the risk on you if something goes wrong. In addition, you need to have many different specialized individuals to handle all aspects of IT. Without the right person, you run the risk of facing a problem you can’t fix. Outsourcing IT alleviates this risk by placing it on the IT provider. They must handle hiring and employing staff with the necessary expertise.

4. Reduced Costs

Without a flat-fee contract, IT problems can be a large financial burden. Unexpected issues could cost thousands of dollars trying to fix as well as lost time when systems are down. One of the benefits of outsourcing tech support is knowing that your monthly costs will remain consistent, even if there are more problems to solve in any particular month. This makes it easy to budget for the year and alleviates the risk of unexpected technology costs.

5. Increase Productivity

When employees don’t have to take on additional technology tasks that are either beyond their scope of work or not within their skill set, they can be much more productive at work. Often times, companies attempt to reduce costs by delegating IT tasks to current employees. Not only is this a disastrous idea, but it ends up costing companies lost hours of valuable employee time. This also jeopardizes all other employees if the technology is not fixed properly and causes further complications.

6. Ability to Focus on Your Business

When you outsource IT, you can focus on what you do best. Instead of worrying about managing technology, a business you did not sign up for, you can outsource that problem in order to focus on your bottom line. Finding the right IT outsourcing company can truly allow your business the freedom and comfort of focusing solely on your products/services. Don’t let your technology affect business operations, let a professional handle that for you

There are many benefits of outsourcing tech support which is why companies are making this decision. Not only does it give businesses peace of mind, but it also saves costs, improves efficiency, and decreases risks. If you are looking to hire a new provider or find a new MSP, let us help you. Feel free to leave us a message here or give us a call at (805) 987-2222.

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