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6 Reasons Why a DAS is a “Must-Have” for 2017

A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a network of antennas that are all connected, but spaced out to provide greater signal. These systems are especially beneficial for buildings with areas of poor coverage and crowded spaces. Any business can greatly benefit from installing a distributed antenna system, whether it’s a passive DAS, an active DAS, or a hybrid version. Some of the benefits are outlined below.

Improved Signal

Your staff, employees, clients, and anyone else in the building will have access to better signal throughout the office. Rather than having areas with bad service, a distributed antenna system will cover all indoor and outdoor spots so that people can make important phone calls without the hassle of searching for service.

Defined Coverage

You do not have to wonder which areas have service or worry about losing a call while walking through the building. With a DAS, you have coverage throughout the defined location. When a building consists of multiple levels or steel columns, wireless signal is often compromised, which makes a DAS so important in order to patch the areas with no service.

Cost Savings

Because a DAS uses multiple low power antennas rather than a single high power antenna, cell phones and other devices use a lower power level as well when transmitting signals, which conserves energy and improves battery life. Reducing power consumption not only benefits the environment, but also saves money from lower energy bills and overall costs.

Staff Productivity

Your employees can stay focused on their daily tasks and work from anywhere in the building. 80% of phone calls either begin or end indoors and can do so without fail if there is proper signal. Let your staff stay productive by providing them with service throughout the building so they can conduct business while entering or exiting the office.

Increased Efficiency

Communication is easy with better coverage. Important conference calls can connect quickly and you don’t have to worry about losing a call mid-meeting. Spend your time better by focusing on your business, rather than on problems you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Indoor & Outdoor Signal/Coverage

Most carriers focus on coverage outside which leaves the indoors with poor service. When carriers advertise nationwide coverage, they do not include areas under a roof that may be poorly serviced due to obstacles. Installing a distributed antenna system improves signal inside and outside of the building. That way bad coverage does not interfere with business operations.

There are so many reasons why a distributed antenna system can benefit your business. Installing a DAS is definitely worth the investment when considering overall operations, long term effects, and employee efficiency. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, contact us to get a free estimate on your project or if you have any questions.

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