Better Video Conferencing Experience with an AV System

AV System – A Better Video Conferencing Experience

2020 was the year of video conferencing and we all scrambled to look more like a professional on our calls.  Yes, the laptop webcam got us through the year, but if you are looking for an overall better video conferencing experience, it may be time to consider an AV system.

Laptop Video Conferencing Limitations

There’s no denying that the humble laptop came to our rescue during 2020 as many people moved from in-person meetings to videoconferencing with virtually no notice. With remote meetings set to move from “the new normal” to plain “normal” for many businesses, however, living with the laptop’s limitations should be left behind as a temporary workaround.

At the most basic level, a laptop will always mean compromise with the need to fit a camera and microphone into a light, slim housing and avoid battery drain. But even leaving aside the quality, it’s the fixed placements that really cause problems. Most laptop cameras are in the best place for sitting still, staring at a screen, but they make it difficult for anything involving movement such as demonstrating a product. Even the richer communication of body language is lost.

Meanwhile, laptop microphones are usually placed wherever the other components allow, rather than in an optimal position for picking up the user’s voice. Even if they are pointing in the right direction, it’s usually down to luck whether the call is blighted by background noise or unwanted echo.

With both sound and vision, laptops are also only designed for one person to make a call. That leaves too many people having to decide between the redundancy and social awkwardness of using multiple devices in the same room or having everyone crowded around one screen with nobody seen or heard at their best.

AV System Advantages

Dedicated AV hardware overcomes all of these problems and works with all conference room configurations. It removes constraints on where you sit or stand and whether you move about, ending the mental and physical strain of being stuck in the same position for an entire call.

The ability to zoom in and out makes it much easier to show other call participants the fine details of a product demonstration or presentation. Being able to speak from almost anywhere in the room without having to shout to overcome audio constraints makes for a more natural conversation. Indeed, you may even feel more confident when you are certain you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Another benefit is that you can easily have multiple people communicating from the same room, without compromise. Everything from a panel interview to a roundtable discussion becomes viable without the need to shift seats or pass devices back and forth.

Some integrated AV systems have wireless control and content sharing from dedicated remotes or through mobile device apps. That means it’s possible to operate without IT staff on hand and even to have multiple people communicate from the same meeting room while respecting social distancing.

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