Make the Move to Managed IT

Benefits of a Managed Services Provider

Most products or services your business buys will bring a specific benefit: it’s cheaper, it’s better or it’s easier. Using a managed service provider is one of those rare decisions that brings you all three of those benefits and more.

Predictable Costs

Using a managed service provider will virtually always be cheaper for a small business than doing the same work yourself for a couple of reasons. Firstly, an MSP benefits from economies of scale as it serves multiple customers. Secondly, you don’t have the problem of wasted capacity such as hiring an extra employee in the IT department even if you don’t have enough extra work to justify their salary or recruitment and training costs.

The cost benefits aren’t just about the amounts, but also the predictability. Most managed service providers either charge a flat subscription fee or a cost based on your workforce or device numbers. The key is that you don’t get unexpected costs when something breaks down or you face an unforeseen threat.

You’ll also usually get 24/7 support, which is particularly valuable if you have a workforce in multiple time zones or need to offer your own customers an “always available” service. It’s something that can be difficult to provide and manage using in-house staff.

Remove the Constraints

Similarly, a managed service provider is the ideal way to achieve the flexibility and scalability you need as your business grows. This isn’t just a staffing issue, for example in dealing with extra demands for technical support from your growing workforce. It can also mean avoiding the problems of physical constraints, whether that be office space for an in-house IT team or limits on your networking and storage capacity.

Staying Current

A managed service provider will have the professional contacts and presence to stay completely up to date on both new threats and challenges in the IT field and on new or improved ways to deal with them. That’s much easier than either hoping your in-house staff don’t get insulated from technical developments or having to spend both money and staff time sending them to conferences or training to keep up.

Providing the Best of Both Worlds

Another benefit of a managed service provider is that you no longer need to make the difficult choice between two imperfect options. You don’t have to hire expensive in-house staff who specialize in a particular aspect of IT. But you don’t have to opt for “utility players” who will do their best patch holes across the board, but often simply won’t have the most effective skills in every field.

Rest Easy & Get Back to Business

Perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is sheer peace of mind. A good managed service provider isn’t simply there to follow instructions (unless that’s what you want) but instead will use their expertise to find the best way to achieve your stated goals and deal with problems. That leaves you with more time and mental energy to concentrate on your own core business.

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