Benefits of hiring an MSSP

Benefits of Hiring a Managed Security Services Provider

Hiring a managed security services provider truly brings you more bang for your buck. That’s because it offers a wide range of advantages that combine to make running your business easier. Here are five of the biggest benefits of hiring a Managed Security Services Provider.


Using an external provider overcomes one of the biggest barriers to IT in general and security in particular. As businesses grow and get more staff, devices, and divisions, their security needs grow as well. The problem is that this growth isn’t always neat or smooth, leading to times when your current IT staff can’t cope with the extra workload, but there’s not enough to justify another employee. A managed security services provider can plug this gap with flexible availability, services, and pricing.

Outside Perspective

Even with the best in-house staff, it’s easy to fall into a mindset that “this is the way we’ve always done things.” That can mean a security setup that’s inefficient and struggles to cope with changing needs or threats. Hiring an external provider can bring a fresh set of eyes to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies without any preconceptions. You’ll also get the benefit of their experience, knowing what has and hasn’t worked in different companies.


A good managed security services provider has staff who not only have extensive experience but keep completely up to date on the changing threats from attackers and the vulnerabilities they try to exploit. The provider can also offer specialist expertise by allocating different consultants to handle different areas of your security, rather than you having to rely on an in-house generalist.

Access To Technology

Many managed security service providers have access to the latest security tools and software that you might not be able to easily source and install by yourself. They’ll often be able to supply tools at a more affordable price because they benefit from volume licensing and can pass on the savings. Even better, they’ll also have the specialist knowledge for making the most of the latest features in the software.

24/7 Protection

Many businesses find it difficult to mount a round-the-clock defense of their networks and assets. In-house employees may only be available during traditional office hours, and it can be financially impossible to justify the cost of hiring IT security employees to work night and weekend shifts. That can leave you relying on automated defenses, often not finding out about an attempted attack until Monday morning. Many managed security service providers can offer better after-hours protection. This could be through superior automated monitoring, human staff keeping an eye on systems ready for a rapid response, or a combination of the two.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from hiring a managed security service provider, contact CPI Solutions today.

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