Best Collaboration Solutions For Your SMB

Best Collaboration Solutions For Your SMB

There are many moving parts in an organization and it can be overwhelming trying to stay organized. If employees are not working in unison, operations can get chaotic. One of the most important aspects of running a smooth business is being able to communicate efficiently and easily. Does your company have a solid foundation in place to communicate and collaborate with all staff and employees? Make sure you are taking advantage of the following best collaboration solutions for your SMB to improve operational efficiency.

Presence Information

Don’t waste time trying to reach someone who is on a call or not at their desk. Rather than walking across the office to find out someone is busy, you can use technology, such as presence information, to find out someone’s status before you waste any time trying to reach them. Not only is this an important aspect of communication and collaboration solutions, but it also helps preserve time.

Instant Messaging

If you have a quick question for a co-worker, instant messaging collaboration solutions are a great way to efficiently communicate as quickly as possible. Rather than sending an email that might get lost in an inbox or responded to days later, you can use instant messaging to receive an immediate response. This is great for organizations that value efficient communication.

VoIP (Voice Calling)

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocols which means calls that are made over the internet. This form of voice communication has become relatively standard for organizations. Without voice calling, you would not be able to have a unified communications system. VoIP is essentially the foundation for a UC system.

Video Conferencing

Just like you would integrate instant messaging into unified communications, video conferencing can be integrated in the same way. This enables users to initiate video conferencing through presence information. Building relationships both inside and outside of an organization can be simplified through seamless integration with video conferencing solutions.

Unified communication systems are the best collaboration systems because they integrate multiple tools to create a unified system. If your company is already using aspects of a UC system, you should consider upgrading to a fully integrated system. Speak with a CPI consultant today to learn more about the best collaboration solutions for your SMB.

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