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Your Business Needs More Technical Expertise

Although your IT department knows the ins and outs of your company’s systems, you may be missing out on one definitive aspect of your business – the technical expertise necessary to avoid a costly mistake. Outsourcing your IT operations can help resolve the lack of access to experts for your unique IT environment and the systems within it.

Consider how many systems that your IT department has to manage and the varying types of technology that your businesses relies on daily. Your daily operations rely on high performing servers, workstations, including laptops and mobile devices, phone systems, email, and line of business applications. Each of the technologies your company uses requires intimate knowledge of how it works, how to monitor for issues, and how to address a wide range of problems as they arise. Many technicians are experienced with a few technologies to this level, but it can be tough to find someone that is an expert in all of the systems your business uses.

If you were to find a qualified person with all the technical know-how that you require, it would be costly, difficult to them keep motivated and drive a single point of failure. However, the average IT department likely has staff members who have varying levels of experience and expertise. You may be able to hire enough staff to have an expert in each area of your IT environment, but that would be very expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The other drawback here is that you will only have all of these staff members working normal business hours unless you have them work shifts.

A Managed IT Service provider will have staff members that are experienced in all of your technologies and systems on your network. They will also employ high-level experts in many of the common systems companies like yours need. For the cost of having a couple of in-house IT staff members, you would have access to an entire team by outsourcing all IT functions with your infrastructure.

Lastly, a good Managed Service provider will offer you monitoring and issue resolution around the clock. That’s 24-hour availability from an entire department of technicians who understand your environment, all for the cost of hiring a very small in-house team.

This does not mean that you have to replace your existing, internal IT technician. In fact, this could be the best thing for your business as they can build expertise in a system that you decide to keep in-house or that you want to use in the future. They can also help strategize upcoming IT initiatives and open issues. Letting go of the day-to-day monitoring and break/fix mentality by using experts who ensure quality and continuity of your environment can empower your organization to be positioned for future success and performance.

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