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BYOD: Are You a Control Freak?

Are you a control freak? When it comes to protecting your data, you should be. While your IT department has been accustomed to providing security for the devices and tools that it selected, owned, deployed and controlled, with bring your own device (BYOD) practices, the goal of enterprise information security remains the same.

Bring your own device has become a disruptive phenomenon where employees bring non-company IT into the organization and demand to be connected to everything – without proper accountability or oversight. Protecting enterprise data should always be the number one priority of your internal IT staff, but the legacy approach to information security needs to be updated. Two forms of IT administration have cropped up to mitigate these risks: Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

According to Gartner analysts, by 2016 over 30% of BYOD strategies will leverage personal applications, data and social connections for enterprise purposes.

Whether or not organizations are prepared for them, mobile devices are being used to access corporate data and doing nothing to secure your network, invites risk. Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) are powerful methods for controlling data flow and maximizing mobile benefits. MDM and MAM platforms can bolster security, ensure compliance and increase productivity.

For greater mobile control, start small, focus on the user experience and make sure your employees know how to handle corporate data and mobile devices appropriately. With an effective and strategic BYOD plan in place, your company will reap the benefits of improving job satisfaction, increasing job flexibility and efficiency, as well as cost savings. Ultimately, businesses and the internal IT department are responsible for the security of company data and data protection requirements regardless of the ownership of the device and therefore need to act responsibly with BYOD.

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