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Select the right managed services provider

How to Select the Right Managed Services Provider for your Business

When determining the right MSP for your business, there are questions you should ask before signing any contract. If you are having issues with your current in house support team or looking for a managed services provider but do not

CPI - Exchange 2013 HTTP 500 Error

How To Resolve Exchange 2013 http 500 Error for Users in OWA/ECP

Exchange 2013 http 500 error for some in OWA/ECP I had a client contact me and said there were a handful of users that were experiencing a 500 Error when logging into the OWA and/or ECP in 2013 Exchange. All other

CPI - Exchange 2013 Remote Powershell

How To Enable Exchange 2013 Remote PowerShell

Enabling remote PowerShell for Exchange Proceed with caution as this procedure can be very insecure for your Exchange Organization if improperly configured. I am covering the basic concepts of enabling and using the feature. This article doesn’t cover the architecture of

CPI - Exchange 2010 Rollup 8 Install

Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 8 Install Issue

This evening I ran into an issue installing Exchange server 2010 SP3 rollup update 8 on a server that previously was on sp3 rollup 5. I am not sure if anyone else has come across this, but I thought I

CPI - Update Exchange 2010

How to Update Exchange 2010 Servers

This is to serve as an overview of the steps required to perform updates to an Exchange 2010 server that is a DAG member of a two node cluster. If you are looking for a process to update Exchange 2013 please