Myths Surrounding Managed IT Services

Common MSP Myths

Hiring an outside company to take on some of your IT work can feel uncertain, but that’s partly down to some misconceptions about how it works. These are some of the most common myths about MSPs.

MSP Myth 1: It Costs More

It’s understandable some people may simply assume a Managed Service Provider will cost more than keeping things in-house, if only to cover their profits. In reality, an MSP has two big cost benefits. Firstly, it will be much larger than the IT department in most companies, bringing significant economies of scale. Secondly, it can allocate resources (including staff) much more efficiently across its client base, meaning it avoids the awkward situation of having to take somebody on full-time but not having enough work to justify the costs.

MSP Myth 2: It’s A Security Risk

Nobody’s saying you should hand over access to your systems to somebody you’ve never heard of without a moment’s thought. But a good managed service provider will be happy to establish their credentials, detail their security practices and provide references. They’ve also got the market incentive to be 100% secure as reputation is everything in the MSP business. In fact, using a managed service provider will likely increase your security as they have the latest cyber-defence technologies and understand new and emerging threats.

MSP Myth 3: You’ll Lose Control

It’s certainly true that if you want them to, a managed service provider can take complete control of some or all of your IT functions. You say what you need to happen and they’ll use their experience and technical skills to make that happen in the most effective way. However, a good MSP in Los Angeles will be happy to work with you on whatever basis suits you, giving you as much or as little control over actions, methods and decision-making as you want. After all, it’s your business and your systems.

MSP Myth 4: It’s All Or Nothing

Businesses considering hiring a managed service provider often think of it as a straight choice between doing everything in-house and outsourcing the entire operation. In reality, many satisfied customers find their perfect set-up has a managed service provider working alongside their existing IT staff. For example, the MSP can:

  • bring extra capacity;
  • cover out-of-hours service;
  • provide specialist support and operations; or
  • approach things from a different angle (such as long-term maintenance vs short-term “fire-fighting.”)

MSP Myth 5: They Are Only Right For Big/Medium/Small Businesses

It’s easy to think of managed service providers as a “Goldilocks” service where only businesses of a particular size can benefit, but this isn’t the case. A small company can take advantage of an MSP’s pricing structure (such as per device or per employee) to get the same level of service as a global conglomerate at an affordable price. A giant business can still benefit from the specialist and up-to-date knowledge a managed service provider brings. And a business of any size can use an MSP to meet its IT needs even while expanding or reshaping its operations.

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