Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan through a Los Angeles IT Consulting Firm

Considering the unpredictability of a tech disaster, smart businesses have a recovery plan in place beyond data backup. Without a data recover plan, businesses can suffer from hours, if not days, of downtime. Depending on the size of a company, downtime can result in thousands of dollars of loss. After IT disaster accounts, 40% of businesses shutting down because of the inability to recover from the damages. With so much at risk, it’s important to partner with a Los Angeles IT consulting firm to create a disaster recovery plan.

Testing Your Plan

Your Los Angeles IT consulting firm will routinely test your recovery plan for weaknesses. If a weak point is identified, the plan should be modified and updated. After reconstructing the plan, it should be tested again. Testing your plan can predict downtime in the event of a disaster. It also allows your business to understand what a run through will look like during disaster recovery.

Backups Through The Cloud

In addition to on-premise backups, cloud backups are common as well. Cloud backups allow remote access to data from any location. In the event of a disaster that physically destroyed your building, cloud backups make it possible to access company data remotely allowing workers to continue working from any location.

Impact Analysis on Your Business

Part of a disaster recovery plan is identifying and creating a business impact analysis. Your Los Angeles IT consulting firm will help identify areas of risk through this analysis which can be assigned to specific employees. This will act as a guide during and after a disaster and prepare employees for what to expect.

Disaster recovery plans are critical for every business, but should not be created alone. A Los Angeles IT consulting firm can help develop the right plan for your business. In addition to creating the plan, partnering with the right IT company will give you peace of mind knowing that other aspects of your technology are under professional control. Investing ahead of time in protecting your data and technology not only reduces the risk of downtime, but also reduces the risk of financial loss. Contact a CPI representative to start your disaster recovery plan.


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