How to selected the best cybersecurity company

Find the Best Cybersecurity Company – 5 Questions to Ask

As malware, ransomware, and hacking continue to dominate the headlines, it’s more important than ever to make cybersecurity a priority. A good cybersecurity company can provide services such as analyzing threats, putting into place a detailed security plan, making sure your business stays compliant, and providing around-the-clock support should security issues arise. The following are the five questions to ask when selecting the best cybersecurity company.

1. Does the Company Have the Right Level of Experience?

Some cybersecurity companies specialize in healthcare while others have more experience keeping educational systems secure. You’ll need to find out what areas and industries the company has specific experience in. It’s also important to find out how many years of experience the company has in each of these areas.

2. Does the Company Create and Follow a Sound Process?

An effective cybersecurity company must do more than build firewalls, collect logs, and install software. As important as these are, they often aren’t effective unless it’s all part of a coherent plan. You’ll want a company that provides a continuous course of action that includes searching for vulnerabilities and threats before they become problems. A smooth process involves preparation, preventative measures, and proactive monitoring. These steps are part of an ongoing system that keeps your organization safe from cyber threats.

3. Does the Company Use the Best Tools to Solve Problems?

Some cybersecurity companies simply identify problems, but don’t provide solutions. While this is better than nothing, you’ll want a security team that provides the right tools for each incident or situation that would arise. You’ll need the right tools to test areas such as passwords, vulnerability, and network defense. The following are specific areas that need testing.

  • Penetration Testing – This is “ethical hacking” so you can check your own system.
  • Password Auditing – Checking and maintaining strong passwords is critical for security.
  • Network Defense – Network defense involves several processes to protect your computer systems.
  • Vulnerability Scanning – Tech Target states that this scan predicts weakness as well as the effectiveness of possible solutions.
  • Encryption – This involves encoding important information.

4. Does the Company Have its Own Security Operations Center?

The best cybersecurity company will have its own security operations center (SOC). In simplest terms, an SOC is a hub that centralizes all the security operations in-house. You’ll want a cybersecurity company that conducts all technical processes such as monitoring, updating, or repairing from one primary location.

5. Does the Company Have a Good Understanding of Different Markets?

When selecting the best cybersecurity company you’ll need to know if they primarily work with small business or larger enterprises. You’ll also need to know what fields they specialize in, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc. Do they understand the steps to take to keep your company compliant while following all regulations in each of these different industries?

Make sure to ask these five questions when searching for the best cybersecurity company that can meet the needs of your organization. If you’re looking for a cybersecurity company near me, CPI Solutions in Southern California provides expert cybersecurity solutions. They have over 34 years of experience offering managed IT services including exceptional cybersecurity. Contact CPI Solutions for more information.

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