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Future Technology Trends 2017

2016 is coming to an end and it is important to know what to expect for the upcoming year. Taking a look at the technology trends in 2017, we can already predict growth in multiple areas. As technology advances and becomes capable of completing tasks and doing more, you will notice the following movements from the workplace to home life.


There will be a large increase in automated processes and overall connectivity. This trend will be seen across industries, from home automation to banking systems. Apple’s HomeKit allows you to control over 100 devices using your smartphone. Click here for more information on home automation technology.


The idea of mobility isn’t new, but prioritization of being mobile is on the rise. This technology trend will continue to grow throughout 2017.  From mobile shopping to working remotely, being mobile is gaining both popularity and importance in the workplace and consumer market.


While we are getting smarter, so are our devices. From smart phones, to smart cars, to smart homes, our technology is becoming more intelligent at an exponential rate. Artificial Intelligence is expected to sky rocket in 2017, which also increases concern for cyber-security.

Internet of Things

IoT is a huge technology trend as we approach the New Year. “80% of IT pros say IoT will be useful for business purposes” (information-management.com). Unfortunately, the more exposure businesses have to these devices, the more risk of privacy issues and additional security threats there are, which is why network security is especially important.

Technology is getting smarter, growing faster, and taking over human responsibilities. Automated systems replace physical tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy in a variety of industries. The use of technology has expanded beyond the work-place and into home-life and extracurricular activities. As its popularity grows and the use of technology increases, make sure you are protected from hackers and threats.

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