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Go Green with the Right Business Technology

Are you looking for ways to make your business technology more environmentally sustainable? Not only can you save money, but by going green, you will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and have the advantage of cool new technologies for your organization. Here are a few suggestions for green technologies that any business can implement.

Choose video conferencing.

Anything in your business that will reduce travel will help our planet. A great video conferencing system allows for virtual meetings between employees or clients that are at different locations. By choosing the right system, you can ensure seamless opportunities for communication and collaboration while also being spared the headache of poor video and sound quality. Also, the choices are much more abundant than before for small and medium-sized businesses to afford an effective video conferencing system. Saving time and money on travel will be an added bonus of implementing this system.

Try desktop virtualization.

Virtualizing desktops in your company, especially for remote or mobile users, can save money on hardware and other equipment. It can also allow you to reduce the amount of e-waste from your company each year. This has the added benefit of being much more convenient for users, and also allows your IT department or Managed Services provider to maintain full control of all company devices.

Move some or all of your data to the cloud.

Not every business will benefit from moving to the cloud, but if your organization is one that would, it will save space at your office and reduce e-waste. Less power will be needed to run your business as data centers often run more efficiently than individual businesses can. This reduces the amount of fossil fuels, water, and battery power needed to keep your business going.

Share documents with a file server.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but employees at many companies still email and print documents for meetings and other business purposes. Having a file server means that you can pull up agendas, important documents, and presentations on one computer for meetings rather than wasting paper. Sharing screens with virtual employees and using e-signatures also reduces the need to mail documents, saving paper and speeding up daily business operations.

Have a presentation system in a custom conference room.

A conference room that is built to fit your business is great for reducing waste. As previously stated, the ability for on-site employees to meet and share presentations on a projector screen cuts down the amount of paper that is needed. It is also the prime location to set up your video conferencing system so that you may meet with remote employees, as well as distant customers and prospects, all while reducing travel costs and waste.

Are you ready to consider these options in order to save money and reduce the environmental impact of your business technology? If so, reach out to us. We have engineers who specialize in these technologies and can help your company reach its environmental and business technology goals.