Prevent Phishing Attacks

How Los Angeles IT Support can Prevent Phishing Attacks

Hackers are constantly finding new ways to hack into businesses, putting corporate data at risk. There’s recently been a phishing attack going around that takes users to a fake Office 365 login page in order to capture username and password data.  Using Los Angeles IT support, your organization can prevent attacks like this, especially if employees are trained to identify potential cyber-attacks. Employee training and education are the most effective ways to prevent attacks.

URLs and Web Addresses

Before clicking on a link, you can hover over it to see where the link goes. This is the first step in identifying a false address. If the destination URL does not match the text, you should consider this a red flag. Second, once you are on a site, confirm the site’s credibility by checking the URL. Websites set up to collect information can look very similar to the real site. Double check the web address to make sure spelling is correct before entering any data.

Boost Employee Training

Even with the support of firewalls and security protocals, social engineering still places organizations at risk for a cyber-attack. Technology cannot prevent employees from accidentally volunteering sensitive information, which is why employee training is so important. Teaching employees what information to keep private and how to verify if a source is credible; will help prevent cyber attacks. Consistent training will keep staff up-to-date and aware of the best practices to prevent phishing attacks.  Employee training and utilizing Los Angeles IT support can help further prevent cyber-attacks as well as implement a verification process for all employees to follow.

Scare Tactics

Often times, scare tactics are utilized to prompt employees to provide sensitive data. A false sense of urgency has proven to be a successful scare tactic. To avoid falling for these attacks, you can train employees to follow a verification system before giving any information. In addition, you can partner with a service provider to receive IT support that can help filter these requests through security measures.

Rather than adding more to your plate to secure your IT and reduce the risk of phishing attacks, you can partner with a managed services provider to receive Los Angeles IT support. Outside support will give you peace of mind knowing that you have the best solutions at hand with certified professionals to take care of your IT security allowing you to focus on running your business. Learn more about partnering with an MSP

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