How do Managed Security Services Secure Your Business

How Managed Security Services Secure Your Organization

Using managed security services means outsourcing some or all of your computer security operations to an expert provider. It can save time and money, but perhaps its most significant advantage is that it can make your business more secure. Here’s how managed security services secure your organization.

Latest Tools

A managed security services provider will have access to the latest security tools, from firewalls to log analysis, plus an expert knowledge of how to use them. Such tools can be uneconomical for an individual business to buy or lease themselves. It can also be tricky to know which tools have updates or new editions and whether it’s a worthwhile upgrade. With an external expert, you know you always have the maximum protection.

Industry Knowledge

Cybersecurity is notoriously a cat-and-mouse game, with attackers aiming to exploit newly-discovered flaws before software developers can fix the vulnerabilities. (In the dreaded zero-day attack, the criminals have a head start in this race.) Maintaining cybersecurity without up-to-the-minute knowledge is like finding the right answer when you don’t even know the question has changed. A managed security services company has the will and resources to keep its experts completely up-to-date on the latest threats and attack strategies, giving them the best opportunity for defense.

No False Economies

Because a managed security services provider usually has multiple clients, they can better allocate their resources to efficiently give everyone the protection they need. It means no longer having to make the awkward decision of how to cope with growing needs as your business expands. Businesses often compromise their protection because they can’t justify taking on (and sometimes training) a new full-time security employee, leaving their team stretched. Using an external provider means getting exactly the protection you need without any wasted resources.

Offense vs. Defense

Your own IT staff may be hard-working and knowledgeable, but it’s still common for in-house teams to concentrate on reactive security, dealing with threats as they occur. A managed security services provider will have the resources to look at the bigger picture, explore every area of your security setup, and anticipate attacks before they happen. That means they can identify both the fine detail and large-scale changes that will make you better protected.

Putting Things In Perspective

When you rely on an in-house security department, they’ll often be overwhelmed by the sheer number of security incidents and alerts triggered every day. These can include false positives and low-level threats. The most considerable risk is that they find it hard to prioritize which problems most need addressing. Because a managed security services provider is usually bigger and better resourced, they can often filter out the most pressing threats and then let you and your team know when you urgently need to take action.

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