Eliminate Potential Network Downtime with These Steps

How To Eliminate Network Downtime

How much is your business reputation worth? What long term damage will a disaster cause and how quickly can your business be up and running again?

These are the types of questions your organization must be able to answer to enforce a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan. Every aspect of your business relies on IT, so when something breaks, business operations become significantly at risk. Build a peace of mind when it comes to your network infrastructure with these how-to steps in eliminating network downtime.

1) Conduct Updates

The most proactive step you can take in making sure your IT network remains running is conducting frequent updates. IT updates include upgrading your systems and software to the latest versions, changing all passwords for better protection and deleting unnecessary or duplicate files.

2) Implement a Backup Solution

Backups are crucial in remaining an operable business. By implementing the right backup solution, your data is protected and reachable for a quick recovery. The right backup solution should have the ability to restore, recover and maintain your data according to the number of users, servers, and size of your IT infrastructure.

3) Create or Revise Current Disaster Recovery Plan

Every business should plan for unpredictable tech disasters by creating or continuously revising disaster recovery plans. Having a disaster recovery plan eliminates hours, even days, of potential downtime. Obtaining the right data recovery plan means identifying and creating a business impact analysis.

4) Test, Test, Test!

To verify that your business is secure and has eliminated all weakness points, backup solutions and disaster recovery plans must be tested. If a weak point is identified, the plan should be modified and updated. Testing and retesting your plans will help predict any downtime you’ll experience in the event of a disaster.

Business IT operations are continuously changing due to the rapid expansions of technology. Small to large businesses within all industries must prioritize their IT infrastructure management. Seamless network operations are not possible without a solid IT foundation. Contact one of our managed IT specialists to learn about our proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure and eliminating potential downtime.

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