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Reduce IT Costs on a Monthly Basis

Not many people enjoy spending their revenue on technology expenses, but many businesses have to. Small businesses spend an average of 6.9% of revenue on IT according to TechTarget. This IT costs are a necessity for business operations but does not have to be so high.

When it comes to Managed Services, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Each organization is unique in its business model, goals, structure, etc. and should have a provider who tailors their services to fit that model. A good MSP will present you with options based on your budget, company size, compliance requirements, and other factors as well.

With so many critical operations relying on your technology, it may seem impossible to reduce IT costs. The most expensive cost is generally personnel and technology experts. Without having to let employees go or completely shift your IT model, we have identified three ways to reduce IT costs that you can build into your existing strategy.


Rather than using a dedicated server for every application, you can utilize virtualization to optimize server usage. Not only will you make the most bang for your buck when you virtualize desktops, servers, and networks, but you can also lower expenses and security threats. Virtualization allows platform independence without the additional costs of shipping hardware to remote users. This solution will improve productivity by promoting remote access and reducing IT costs simultaneously.

Proactive Managed Services Provider

Many IT providers have a break-fix model; where they bill you for time spent fixing a problem after it has broken. To avoid this, you can partner with MSPs that work proactively to prevent issues before they occur. Not only will this method promote the most up time for your business, but it will also lower the consequences and monetary costs associated with solving IT issues.

Plan Ahead

If you can foresee an expansion or office move, you can save a substantial amount of money by planning ahead. When it comes to the design and set-up of your network, it is beneficial to do it right from the start. This includes labeling all equipment, allowing extra room in conduit for additional cables, and planning for any changes well in advance. You can reduce IT costs through proper planning and execution from the beginning.

These three methods will reduce IT costs for your organization without having to fire full-time employees. It’s important to find a reliable MSP who will work with you to provide the services you need. In addition, partnering with a trusted IT consulting firm will add value to your company; especially when faced with technology decisions that require the input of an expert. If you would like to talk more about implementing these solutions in your business to reduce IT costs, let us know how we can help.

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