How to save money with IT outsourcing

How to Save Money with IT Outsourcing

Most businesses are comfortable outsourcing everything from vending machine maintenance to pest control, yet many assume IT is something that’s simpler to do in house. Not only can outsourcing make your life much easier, it’s often more financially efficient. Here’s how to save money with IT outsourcing.

Audit Your IT Needs

Before deciding whether and what to outsource, you need to run through exactly what IT tasks you need carried out. Remember to list not just what you are currently doing, but also what you’d prefer to get done even if it’s not currently feasible in-house. For example, you might not currently run training sessions for your staff to learn new software features or remind them of good security practices. Once you’ve done this audit, you can explore which tasks could be done more cheaply, better or both through outsourcing.

Consider Your Growth

One of the big benefits of IT outsourcing is its flexibility. It’s ideal for cases where you have some IT requirements but not enough to justify a full-time employee. It’s also a good option when you have more tasks than your current IT staff can handle, but not enough to create a new job, particularly when you consider the costs of recruitment, payroll taxes, training, and other costs beyond simply adding a salary.

Compare Pricing Systems

Not only is there no standard price for IT outsourcing, there’s also a range of pricing models. Some providers charge a per-incident fee where you pay as and when you need something done. Others charge a flat monthly or annual fee based on the overall size of your company. Some charge a specific fee for each employee or each device you want covered by the package. You’ll need to crunch the numbers to work out which is best for your situation.

Remember the Advantages

Outsourced IT can be cheaper than in-house provision even when it costs more. That may sound baffling, but it’s all about making a fair comparison for what you get. When you outsource tasks to a specialist provider, you usually gain access to a wider range of skills and experience. For example, a provider may assign one specialist to redesign or update your physical network while another handles security, dealing with the very latest threats. To replicate that in-house you’d most likely need two employees, even though neither would have enough work to justify a full-time role. Even if you found somebody who could handle both roles adequately, you’d have to pay for ongoing training and professional development to keep up with security developments.

Sourcing Software

Licensing software for your workplace can be both confusing and expensive. When you outsource software provision and maintenance, the provider may have specialist expertise in finding the right package of tools for your needs. They could also access volume licensing deals that mean you get more affordable rates even though your business isn’t big enough to get discounts on its own.

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