Select the right managed services provider

How to Select the Right Managed Services Provider for your Business

When determining the right MSP for your business, there are questions you should ask before signing any contract. If you are having issues with your current in house support team or looking for a managed services provider but do not know where to start, here is a simple how to list to select the right MSP for your business.

Does the MSP offer the services your business needs?

First, it is important to confirm that the MSP provides the services your business needs. There is no point moving forward if the MSP does not offer services that support your current IT infrastructure or line of business apps. Services that should always be included with any MSP include, backups, ticketing, remote monitoring, and patching.

Can the MSP actually support a business of your size?

The size of the MSP determines the amount of time technicians have to support your network. So the question, does this MSP have enough manpower to support my business, is extremely important to ask. It’s a critical part of every managed services provider to have the means to support your IT infrastructure and users around the clock; in order to adequately service your organization.

Is the cost in line with my expectations?

After narrowing your search by services offered and size of the MSP, you’re probably asking how much will this cost. Most businesses assume cost is the most important aspect in separating MSPs from one another, however this should be one of your last concerns. When it comes to your businesses technology and data, the quality of support you receive from your MSP is your ultimate priority. However, know what you are paying for. Many MSPs use a fixed fee pricing model, providing a clear understanding of total cost and what is included.

Does the MSP have valid industry related references?

Once the overall services, benefits and cost of the MSP line up with your business’s needs, validation of the MSPs references should be completed. At this point, you should be confirming their reputation and make sure that they are the right fit for your business. Sometimes seeing that an MSP has managed businesses similar to your own will help reinforce your decision.

Every managed services provider has unique offerings and services, even at a same fixed fee price. The right choice depends on what your business’s needs are on a daily basis. Using this list will help you select the right MSP for your business. To learn more about what it takes to choose the right MSP, contact us today. Our customer experience team will gladly help with any questions you may have.


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