Set up a video conference with Microsoft Teams

How to Set Up a Video Conference in Microsoft Teams

Unlike some video call systems, videoconferencing is only part of the wider communications and conversations features in Microsoft Teams. This can make it a little less intuitive to start a video call. Here’s what you need to do in order to set up a video conference in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Download the free Teams desktop app at if you haven’t already done so. Although you can join a Teams call without the app, you will need it to start a call.Download Teams on website
  2. Decide if you want to call specific individuals, call everyone on a Team’s channel, reply to a conversation with a video call, or open a call up to people outside of your Team’s contacts.
  3. To call specific individuals, open the Teams app, select “Chat”, then select the “New Meeting” button (with a video camera icon.) Type the name, email, or phone number of the people you want to contact in the “To:” box, then click the “Video call” or “Audio call” options. Note that this only works for people already on Teams.Chat in Teams
  4. To call everyone in a channel, open the Teams app, select the channel, then click the “Meet Now” button. This will start a video call and notify everyone in the channel that they can join.
  5. To reply in a conversation in Teams, click “reply” in the conversation and choose the video call option, shown by a video camera icon below the text box. This is a useful option if somebody has asked a question where the answer is complicated and easier to explain in a video chat than with a written answer.
  6. To open a call up to people outside of your Teams contacts, open the Teams app, select “Chat”, then select the “New meeting” icon, marked with a video camera. Click the “Copy Link” option shown with an icon of two pieces of paper which appears to the right of the URL. You can then paste this link and send it to people through email, a messaging or chat tool, or an online post. People can click on this link to join the call once you’ve clicked or tapped on “Start Meeting.”
  7. To schedule a meeting, open the Teams app, select “Calendar”, then select “New Meeting.” Type in the details and time of the meeting, then select Save. You can then choose either to copy a link to the meeting or send an invitation through Google Calendar.Teams Calendar
  8. During a meeting, you can usually add people even if you hadn’t invited them before the meeting started. To do this, select “Show participants” and then either type in the name of somebody in your contacts list to invite them directly, or click on “Share” to generate and copy a link that you can send to people, for example through a messaging app or online post.Share Teams

Hopefully that helped you set up s video conference in Microsoft Teams.  For more advanced IT inquiries, please contact CPI Solutions.

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