How to Set Up a Wireless Network

How to Set Up a Wireless Network

Wireless networks have the same functionalities as wired networks, but without the use of physical wires. They connect digital devices in a more efficient way which ultimately saves money from reduced wiring needs. Generally, they are easier and faster to set up than wired networks. Take a look at the following tips on how to set up a wireless network. 

Choose the right access point hardware

You want to ensure that your access point hardware selection is a good fit for your business. It is also important to eliminate outdated hardware as it could slow down operations. The hardware manufacturer should offer different levels of support for multi-input, multi-output (MIMO). Depending on your business needs, you should select the level of support that makes sense for your business. If you are unsure of which hardware to select, we recommend consulting with a technology expert for more information on how to set up a wireless network

Use wires to strengthen spectrum for wireless devices

Since so many devices require wireless connectivity, such as laptops and mobile phones, it may be smart to use wires to connect printers and network storage devices in order to preserve spectrum for the devices that need it. The LAN wiring should meet new standards, such as CAT6 and CAT7. This will give your IT a balance between wired and wireless devices.

Strengthen security through SSIDs

Security threats are not only common, but are increasing with the rise in wireless networks. One way to mitigate risks is to create a new SSID configured for per-user authentication rather than allowing the entire organization to use a static password. User accounts should manage frequently to account for new employees as well as employees that no longer work for the company. For more information regarding SSIDs, contact an IT expert to work with you and your company.

The shift to wireless is growing and improving as it becomes a necessity for businesses to stay competitive. More devices require wireless access which means businesses must have an agile IT model to account for constantly evolving technology. For more assistance setting up a wireless network, have a CPI representative contact you to schedule a consulting meeting.

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