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If You’re Not Monitoring, You Could Be Next

Network and server monitoring allows companies to see in real time where issues occur and fix them before creating larger and costly problems. However, many business owners wonder exactly why their businesses really need monitoring. After all, you or your employees typically notice technical issues when they occur, right? If an issue does arise, your IT staff or service provider comes in to save the day and everything is okay in the end. So, why should your business care about having a monitoring solution?

While it is important to have an IT staff that can come in to fix an issue that has been reported by your other employees, the better solution is for your IT staff to know about the issue before anyone else does. This is possible with an effective monitoring solution. This gives your IT team the ability to proactively head off technical problems, such as viruses that could infect your network, before they cause real damage to your business. Even losing a day of productivity from your staff can cost your company thousands of dollars.

Another benefit from using monitoring technology is that it helps your IT staff or provider pinpoint issues right where they occur. Instead of spending hours testing to find a known problem, your monitoring technology will let your staff know exactly where on the network or at which workstation the problem originated. This cuts down on the time that it takes to find and repair an issue.

Your staff can use monitoring technology for other reasons, too. One way to eliminate bottlenecks and lags in your network, is to proactively monitor changes and updates in real time. They can see which applications, updates, and other network activity cause these lags and work to minimize this in the future.

Finally, there are many issues that can occur and go undetected for months or even years at a time. For example, backup methods fail all the time, and depending on the type of backup you have, you may not catch the issue until a good portion of your data is gone. Monitoring allows your IT staff or provider to see when a backup has failed, giving them the opportunity to fix the issue or test a new method.

Every system in your business benefits from proactive monitoring as it removes the need for the reactive “break/fix” mentality. Your users can rest easy knowing that when something goes wrong, it will be caught and resolved often before anyone even knows about it. If your company has been reacting to technical problems, why not check out our monitoring solution? Contact us to discuss how an easy-to-use and effective monitoring program can save your business time and money.

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